History of the names

2014-08-24 05:33:30 by PolarTrance

at the end of 2008 I found out about FL Studio and I was introduced to it by my friend DJT13. After a while I started go by the name "DJC1P", but after a long time I wanted to change that name due to: I'm not a DJ, C1P = Cool1pivoter and it sounds dumb.

I changed to a very generic name "E-Shock", but I had to change due to some French eSport team forcing me to work for them or change the name.

That time I researched for a while, what name I could take and not recieve any flak for it and I ended up with PolarTrance, which will be the name that I will do my best to stick with as long as possible no matter what.

I really like the name PolarTrance, since it describes me pretty well, since I'm kinda living near the polar areas of the world (not really close at all) and I like the cold and I tend to make a lot of trance, though some of that doesn't get posted~

It is seriously annoying to change your artist name, just once should be enough, but more than that is just super bs

But I also feel like the name changes were good for me, because I now I can say "In the DJC1P chapter of my music I was really bad at making music", "After the E-Shock chapter ended I got really good at music, finally being super happy about the music I make"


~ Joni, PolarTrance